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PLUS 7.0

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€ 1.600,00 + VAT

PRO 7.0

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€ 1.000,00 + VAT

LE 7.0

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€ 400,00 + VAT

 for all software - sales will follow our General Conditions of Sales (it will be sent together with your proposal)



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€ 900,00 + VAT


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please consult

RE  X2

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€ 200,00 + VAT

Combo 1

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt LE 7

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€ 1.100,00 + VAT

Combo 2

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt Pro 7

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€ 1.700,00 + VAT

Combo 3

Atmos Plus X1 + TecAt Plus 7

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€ 2.200,00 + VAT


  • Payment through bank transfer
  • VAT: 20% for Estonian customers (business and individuals), your country VAT for EU consumers (individuals), 0% for EU businesses, 0% for businesses and individuals elsewhere in the world
  • Please ask for price of multiple licenses and other combinations of licenses.
  • Multi-user versions are being developed and will be launched soon, the price per user is lower than the same number of licenses if purchased separately; Multi-user version is locked to one network but can be accessed remotely with third-party software, including by smart phones
  • Languages: as of March 2023, software interface, reports, manual, tutorials and support are available in English and Portuguese (TecAt has partial Spanish support); if you think you’re capable of helping translate Atmos or TecAt to another language, please contact us!

Fine print:

  • Our software comply with or exceeds the respective standards, although some unusual parameter may be absent - if you really need it, contact us and we will consider adding it
  • All sales are final; our software is sold “as is”, we’ve been doing our best for 25+ years to develop the best possible software, but we (or anyone else!) can’t guarantee 100% bug free - if you get any suspected results, please consult our support.
  • All user licenses include upgrades and support for six months; after that, the software remains operational and can be used indefinitely but, for new upgrades and support, the user must renew the annual contract - currently priced at 20% of the price of the license
  • License is locked to one computer, although it can be changed by request to our support


Software price list

prices valid from March 01, 2023

(For services prices, please see our Services page)