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IEC 62305:2010

NFPA 780:2014 and 780:2017

NBR 5419:2015

NTC 4552:2008

NFC 17 102:2011(3)


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With over 25 years of development, Atmos Plus is the best cost-benefit solution on the market, with full support for both International, US, Brazilian, Colombian and French(3) standards, from the risk analysis to LPS dimensioning.

     Our customers include some of the biggest engineering consulting companies; industries, construction, lightning protection and electrical installation companies of all sizes down to the individual engineer starting it’s own consulting business.

Atmos Plus characteristics (Atmos Pro and Atmos LE has fewer functions, see below)

Current version:

Version X1.2 (11.2) - latest update:, Sep 2016

Main uses

Risk analysis

LPS design for Electro Geometric Model (EGM) and Faraday cage

Safety distances


IEC 62305:2010 (International)

NFPA 780:2014 and NFPA 780:2017 (USA)

NTC 4552:2008 (Colombia)

NBR 5419:2015 (1) (Brazil)

NFC 17 102: 2011(3) (France)


English (2), Português Brasileiro

Data required:

LPS (air terminals, down conductors and grounding): structure dimensions, natural metallic elements, then several parameters options (see docs)

Risk analysis: division of structure in zones (according to chosen standard), parameters options (see docs); data of Service Lines (length, installation, …)

Locations (structure) Models:

Typical industrial buildings, Tall Buildings (like residential or office building) and Houses

Open areas, parking lots, sport courts

Isolated structures


Materials database for air terminals, cables, rods, connections (weld and compression) and others, fully editable, with dimensions, description, picture, cost, labor time for instalation and labour cost, as well as suppliers database (also editable, of course)

Each LPS component can be turned On or Off to allow the use of natural elements like rebars or a metallic roof or structure

Design Options comparison:

Each Location (a structure or area) can have several Options, Zones and Service lines, then each Option has its own materials choices (for ex. masts of different heights or masts x cage) and a selection of the Zones and the Services connected.

Risk comparison includes risk components (RA, RB, …) and totals (R1, R2…) of each Zone and then totals between Zones; then risk total between Options (see docs).

Atmos also compare material x labor costs, and relative costs of air terminations x down conductors x grounding, so you have all the information needed for a fully-optimized design selection.

Reports generated in PDF

Location (structure) data

Tolerable risks and Lightning Incidence

Risk assessment

External LPS descriptive report, drafts and materials list

Several bar charts and pie charts comparing options and risks

Zones data, Service lines data

Data-sheet (purchase info) of materials used


Manual - inside software and in PDF format

Tutorials - inside software and in PDF format

E-book: see below

Presentations: the presentation slides of a two-day seminary are available inside the software


Portuguese: full digital edition of our book “Proteção Contra Descargas Atmosféricas” (thousands copies of the print edition sold previously) included inside the program

English: compact edition of the book, with enough theory for efficiently using the software and examples not covered on the Manual or Tutorials (see above)

Other functions:

Verification of the protection offered by a structure with LPS to its surroundings, like a nearby house, a backyard or people on the sideway.

Protection of an open area: parking lot, sporting courts and others (see docs)

Data-sheet for each material (air terminal, rod, cable, connection) with full specification.


Compare Atmos Plus x Atmos Pro x Atmos LE (Learning Edition)  

Download more info:


Short descriptions with screens: Atmos Plus X1, Atmos Pro X1 , Atmos LE X1

Full description: Atmos Plus X1

Atmos Plus approach to Lightning Protection

Reports examples



From  € 150 to € 900 (+ VAT)

prices include one year of support and upgrades (including major versions)

please see our Sales page!

(1) - NFPA 780:2017 available from v. Atmos X1.2; we’re currently adding support for Colombian (in Spanish) standard NTC; Brazilian NBR 5419 previous 2005 edition is available for some calculations for checking old projects; there’s also a “User defined standard” where you can set some parameters yourself (at your own risk, use with care!)

(2) - Software and documentation can be set to English and Portuguese, with planned Spanish support; English (and then Spanish) translations of the book (compact version) will be available as soon as possible

(3) - French standard NFC 17 102 Risk Assessment, as of Sep 2016, ESE systems dimensioning is not supported

New: standard NFPA 780:2017 !

Risk assessment included on new Atmos X1.2