Lightning Protection design with Atmos Plus

1. Example “Country House” from IEC 62305-2:

1.1. Tutorial using Atmos Plus

1.2. Report generated by  Atmos

2. Example “Office Building” from IEC 62305-2:

2.1. Tutorial using Atmos Plus

2.2. Report generated by  Atmos

3. The Atmos approach to Lightning Protection Systems design

4. Atmos software manual

5. Models and Verifications available

6. Compare Atmos Plus x Pro x LE

7. Atmos reports

Grounding Grids design with TecAt Plus

1. Wizards to easily build complex grids

2. TecAt Plus x Pro x  LE compare versions

3. Tutorial: Resistivity example

4. “Wizards” for automatic grid design

5. Tutorial: substation grid design part 1 and part 2

6. Tutorial: small grids for Low Voltage, Lightning protection, Telecom, etc

7. TecAt screens slide-show (as seen on the TecAt page)

8. Distribution voltage (like 13.8, 22 kV) consumer substation grid

9. Ungrounded metallic fence touch potentials using TecAt’s “passive” electrodes

Examples, articles, manuals, tutorials, comparatives, guides, descriptions!

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