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Grounding grid dimensioning for electrical substations, primary and secondary transmission and distribution, telecommunications, lightning protection and low-voltage installation

     With over 25 years of development, TecAt Plus is the best cost-benefit solution on the market, with full numerical calculations in 4-layer soil (one of the best in the world) of resistivity, grid resistance and short-circuit potentials.

     Our customers include some of the biggest energy and engineering companies in Brazil and Latin America, in the fields of energy generation, transmission, distribution, telecommunication, as well as large engineering consulting companies; industries, construction, lightning protection and electrical installation companies of all sizes down to the individual engineer starting it’s own consulting business.


TecAt Plus characteristics (1)

Current version:

Version 6 - latest update: stable: 6.2.3, (Nov 2015), beta: 6.3.0 (June 2016)

Main uses

4-layer soil stratification, 4-layer grid resistance, 4-layer grid potentials (3D, projection and 2D view)


Exceeds every standard or practice in use, like IEEE-80


English (2), Português Brasileiro, Español (2)

Data required:

Stratification: Wenner or Schlumberger measurements up to eight directions at a time, at least 3 spacing for 2-layer model and 5 spacing for 3-layer and 4-layer models

Resistance: soil resistivity stratification (above), then you have several options (see docs)

Safety Potentials: uses IEEE formulation: short-circuit duration, operator weight, gravel layer (if desired) resistivity and thickness

Short-circuit potentials: grid current, then you have several options (see docs)


Materials database for cables, rods, connections (weld and compression) and gravel, fully editable, with sizes, description, picture, cost, labor time for installation and labor cost, as well as suppliers database (also editable, of course)

Grid comparison:

“Grid 1” module: up to 21 grids with resistance, cost and time to install calculated instantaneously in 2-layer soil for several pre-defined grid configurations and presented as graphical comparison

“Grid 2” module: grids in up to 4-layer soils are calculated each on its own entry on the project file, then you can graphically compare their resistance, cost and time to install.

Both modules also compare material x labor costs, and relative costs of cables x rods x connections, so you have all the information needed for a fully-optimized design selection.


Manual - inside software

Tutorials - inside software and in PDF format

E-book: see below

Presentations: the presentation slides of our two-day seminary are available inside the software


Portuguese: full digital edition of our book “Malhas de Terra” (thousands copies of the print edition sold previously)

English: (soon) reduced edition of the book, with enough theory for efficiently using the software and examples not covered on the Manual or Tutorials (see above)

Other functions:

Check a stratification done manually or with other software, presenting the deviation for each measurement and the RMS error of the full set.

Grid resistance measure simulation: can simulate the curve that will be expected on a field measurement, very good for check and also when you don’t have enough space for a proper measure.

Cable section for short-circuit: has all the materials of the standards or you can enter your own.

Data-sheet for each material (rod, cable, connection, gravel) with full specification.


Compare TecAt Plus x TecAt Pro x TecAt LE (Learning Edition)

Download more info:


Short descriptions with screens: TecAt Plus 6 , TecAt Pro 6 , TecAt LE

Full description: TecAt Plus 6


From  € 200 to € 1300 (+ VAT) - please see our Sales page!

(1) - TecAt Pro and TecAt LE have fewer functions, see below.

(2) - Software and documentation can be set to English, Spanish and Portuguese; English (and then Spanish) translations of the book (compact version) will be available as soon as possible

[Click on image or here to access TecAt Plus 6 brochure (PDF)]