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From risk assessment to LPS dimensioning to cost analysis, go to our software Atmos page or check our table of solutions:

Lightning god is angry



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Risk assessment is complicated ...

Atmos support several standards: IEC 62305, NFPA 780 and others …

 tutorial IEC 62305 example

... and it has so many variables ...

… with complete “point and click” options and a fully visual interface ...

 tutorial IEC 62305 example

... with so many solutions

... and up to 16 zones and 16 service lines combined in up to 6 options to compare cost and risk

tutorial IEC 62305 example

CAD programs are time consuming

Atmos doesn’t use a CAD interface; instead, it gives you an analytical solution with a draft that your draftsman can add to the CAD drawing in minutes

Buildings are so different

Simply select between several building models, then Atmos gets always the cheapest LPS solution

 guide Models and Verifications

There's a high building just next to this

Verify instantly if your building is already protected by a higher neighbor

 guide Models and Verifications

Still doing it manually or with a spreadsheet

Manual methods are error prone (and spreadsheets

are only automation of manual methods, you just get quicker errors!)

It's just a small house

Even our inexpensive Learning Edition gives you a fast answer for risk and LPS with full reports

That metallic structure is near a down conductor

Several options to check safety distances for both IEC and NFPA methods and also through the inductance of conductor

 guide Models and Verifications

Reports are so time consuming

Get PDF reports of project data, zones and service lines, materials list with data sheets, options considered and cost analysis

 guide Reports

New: standard NFPA 780:2017 !

Risk assessment included on new Atmos X1.2