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From soil resistivity stratification to grid resistance to sophisticated analysis of dangerous potentials, go directly to software TecAt page or check our table of solutions:



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Soil resistivity is never homogeneous

Perform a precise numerical adjustment with 2-, 3- or 4-layer model

 tutorial resistivity

Calculate grid resistance in multi-layer soil

Find the most accurate numerical calculation in multi-layer soil

 tutorial grid 2 resistance

Dangerous Touch and Step potentials

Precise numerical analysis in multi-layer soil, with graphical views and transferred potentials

 tutorial grid 2 potentials

Big grid with many electrodes

Use the "wizards" to automatically generate the grid

 tutorial wizards

Metallic fence not grounded to grid

Use TecAt Plus "passive" electrodes

 tutorial fence

Cost of grid is high

Quick comparison of several options of grids with costs of materials and manpower

Cost of project is high

Cut your project budget with fast comparative analysis and short learning curve

Still doing it manually or with spreadsheets

Manual methods not only gives a costly grid, their imprecision often leads to dangerous errors - and spreadsheets are just automated manual methods, so you just go faster to the same errors!

It's just a small grid

Even our inexpensive Learning Edition gives you a very fast path to the optimal solution for small grids in 2-layer soil, comparing resistance, cost and time to build 21 grids instantly

 tutorial grid 1

No space to measure grid resistance

TecAt Plus has, after potentials analysis, the option to generate an estimation curve of what you would expect to get from the loss of potential method - in up to 4-layer soil

3D view of grounding grid potential TecAt